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5 Things I Love About Being A Woman (Paperback)

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Product Description

Amazon International 1st Best Selling Book

‘5 Things I Love About Being A Woman’ ranked first in 11 categories on Amazon USA and Australia, including sub-category entrepreneurship and small business, self-help, beauty and fashion. The book also reached the Top 3 on Amazon UK.

My goal of putting together this book is to help you gain awareness and appreciation of your attributes and apply it in your everyday life. It will be an exciting journey that will truly enhance your self-esteem and allow you to enjoy a quality life. Even though I frequently attest that life is short and that we are never forever, I also know that life is a precious lifelong intricate endeavour, so why make it harder?

This book will serve as an informative guideline and a self-assessment tool. It will help you at any stage of your life to get started as I believe fluency comes with learning and practice. It introduces five aspects of life, consisting of beauty, brain, brawn, belief and blessed injecting the internal and external reality of each attribute. The book brings about a wholesome, holistic approach to appreciating life at depth.

In this book, there are many questions to engage and assist you gain awareness and appreciation of your attributes. The main intention is for you to engage in self-love in order to exercise self-respect and self-appreciation. I have been observing that when a women is filled with self-belief, they will come out strong, soulful and successful, or at the very minimal be self-sufficient and live her daily life owning and embracing her God given honour and dignity.

My goal for each and every women is to identify your identity, gain confidence and clarity and Be Happy! When you master the above, you will experience self-love and you can better love your family, your community and the world at large.

Much Love,

Zai Miztiq

Celebrity Author| International Speaker


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